The woman behind the business : 

Micheline, business woman, Quebecer, environmentally friendly, advocates fairness, ethics, prioritizes local and carbon neutral purchasing



The story :

Like many Quebecers, Micheline, a Quebec entrepreneur, adopted a small Pomeranian dog to which she bought a coat and boots to protect her paws.

But like many dog ​​owners, she has seen dogs lose their boots on walks, or they become frayed.

In 2 years, 8 pairs of boots were purchased, between $20 and $50 dollars each, for a total expenditure of approximately $500 dollars in boots and coats.

Following a visit to the veterinarian for paws burned by salt and frost, the promoter sets out to find a solution. She searches pet stores, and they suggest balloons, they tell her it's the most popular thing people use to restrain their paws or boots.

She shares her idea that it would be ideal to find some that attach to the coat, but is told that it would be a very good idea, but there are none.

After looking in several pet stores and on the internet, but it doesn't exist anywhere.

So she decides to have a custom coat and boots made for her dog.

After several prototypes, she understands why no one has made one before, because it took about twenty prototypes to get there.

That's why she founded Doggie Wear Style.