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The dog coat, necessary for our winters. Get more!

Do you have a furry friend at home? Are you dreading these winter months because of the freezing temperatures? If so, investing in a dog coat is the ideal solution for your pup. A good quality warm coat can help protect our dogs from extreme weather conditions, provide them with comfort and safety, and add an extra layer of warmth to keep them feeling cozy during long walks. Our buying guide will help you easily find the perfect coat for your beloved pet !

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Waterproof Dog coat with buttons

Waterproof Dog coat with buttons


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  • Machine wash, air dry.
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 The coat with buttons is light, water resistant and can be attached to the dog's legs, and is adjustable.

There is a space at the neck for the leash and two rings on the top that serve as a harness and allow the dog to be walked easily.

The jacket has reflective stripes on each side and on the boots.

The zipper in the direction of your pet's hair allows you to better attach it without the hair getting caught.

Reinforced stitching and premium composite fabric make this dog jacket suitable for all outdoor situations such as rain, wind and snow.

It can also be used as a raincoat for your puppy in case of heavy rain.

The new 3 season dog winter jacket is made of premium composite fabric. It is perfectly waterproof, windproof and defensive, which allows it to adapt to all outdoor environments, cold, soft and warm, and it is breathable and comfortable.

Important information

Be careful with the products used for cleaning the coat: they can irritate your dog's skin.
Can be machine washed and dried, but I recommend hanging to dry. The instructions on the fabric say it's machine washable but in my opinion it's best to hang it up so it doesn't lose its stretch and water repellency.

Allow the fabric to dry before your dog wears it to avoid irritation and discomfort. No one would wear wet clothes in the middle of winter anyway!

Don't complain if your dog takes a few weeks to get used to his new coat or his new boots, it's completely normal. This process repeats in all dogs each winter or when cold weather returns.
Start by having him wear his coat, gradually introduce the small boots for a few minutes, and gradually stretch until he can walk around without feeling uncomfortable. Create a positive association by giving him treats and encouraging him when you put his coat on and walk him.

Coat size chart

See the Size Charts page for more explanations on how to take measurements.

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